Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are You Preparing Your Team to Win?

The Army is changing is Physical Readiness Test.  The old test – which was the standard for thirty years -consisted of a timed two-mile run, push-ups, and sit ups.  Army officials discovered that though the old test measured fitness – the demands of the battlefield required a different kind of fitness.  The new test incorporates events such as running for 400 meters with a rifle, moving through an obstacle course in full combat gear, and crawling and vaulting over obstacles while aiming a rifle.  These tests more accurately test the specialized fitness required for success of combat soldiers under enemy fire.  I salute the innovative thinkers in the Army willing to make changes which will better prepare our forces for success.
As leaders, we should take notice of the Armys' actions.  Have we defined what is required of our people for success each day?  Each competitive environment has unique challenges for survival and success.  Leaders must understand what it takes to survive and thrive in their field of endeavor and relentlessly prepare his or her team for success. 
Leaders must take a cold hard look at the results of their team to determine if these preparations were sufficient for success or if the environment has changed, requiring adaptation.  Leaders must be connected to the situation, their team, and results in order to consistently adapt and innovate.  Like in the Army, your choices will give your team a greater opportunity for success.

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