Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Recommendations

Here are a few books I have read recently with a wide array of Leadership lessons.

They are three very different kinds of books.

The Next Decade by George Friedman published by Doubleday.

Friedman creates a picture of the next decade and how it will challenge Americans and American Leadership.  Friedman bring a wealth of knowledge, research, and history to his work; it is extremely interesting and informative. It is not light reading.

For Leaders - Friedman believes Americans must face the challenge of being an Empire and preserving the principles of our Republic.  His framing of the issues and solutions are thought provoking for all leaders.  His global strategic views, long-term observations, and discussion of how leaders must act when "morality" meets "reality" make this a must read for organizational, community, and government leaders.

The Good Soldiers by David Finkel.

This Pulitzer Prize winning work, follows the lives of an combat unit on their tour of duty in Iraq.   Graphic, gut wrenching, heart warming, heartbreaking - this book is not for the faint of heart.  However, if you want to get a sense of the challenges and triumphs of our troops in Iraq, this book is for you.

For Leaders - this book is full of leadership lessons at all levels. Personal leadership challenges, small team leadership challenges, the challenges of leading leaders, the challenge of accomplishing the missions and taking care of the troops. Most of us will never face the number of crisis situations in our lives that these brave leaders faced on some days.

Burst - A Story of God's Grace when Life Falls Apart by Kevin Wells, published by Servant Books.

Burst is a very personal journey of an extraordinary man and couple as they face all that life has to offer, and how it enhances their faith.  This book is beautifully written and has been a spiritual inspiration to all who have read Kevin and Krista's story.

For Leaders - doubt, darkness, and failure are realities for all leaders.  Faith, prayer, service, and love will help you and those around you in good times and bad.

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