Monday, March 7, 2011

The Right Stuff?

In the March 4th edition of the Washington Post, Dan Balz has an excellent column in which he poses the question “Does Gingrich have what it takes?”  He frames the question based upon Gingrich’s strengths and weakness and how these characteristics could impact his ability to run and win the Presidency of the United States.  He closes the article with a great question.  “Does Gingrich have the discipline required of all successful presidential candidates – the discipline to keep his focus, to avoid meaningless fights, to ignore barbs from his critics, to show statesmanship?”
These are questions all leaders should keep in mind on a daily basis.  What am I trying to cause?  What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve the objective?  Am I disciplined and focused enough on the overall plan and the daily tasks to ensure success?  How do I handle criticism, doubt, and setbacks?
Clarity, thoughtfulness, self awareness, situational awareness, commitment, discipline, and action must be created by leaders to achieve difficult objectives.

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