Monday, March 7, 2011

Where is the Heat?

A super-team was formed this summer in the National Basketball Association.  Two high profile superstars in the prime of their careers - Lebron James (probably the most gifted player in the league) and Chris Bosh joined Dwanye Wade in Miami in order to create the foundations of a dynasty that would dominate the league and win multiple championships.  But the team has failed to meet expectations this season. The question is, "what is missing?"  My answer is, the right chemistry.

Chemistry is essential for great teams.  Chemistry is difficult to describe - it's feels like an extraordinary bond or relationship between team members that creates the opportunity for greatness.  Team members know where they fit within the team, embrace their roles, work diligently to improve, help others improve, and work selflessly to do what it takes for the team to win.  The Heat have the talent - in fact they have more than enough talent - but they haven't figured out how they fit together.  This is especially true in the final moments of close games.  I think their two great finishers (Lebron James and Dwayne Wade) are being too deferential to each other, consequently, they are hurting the team's chances to win.   These two great players and leaders need to figure out how they fit together in order to establish a foundation for the rest of the team to build it's greatness.

Learning how to fit together, succeed together, and grow together are challenges for all teams and organizations.  Creating clarity around goals, roles, and expectations can help good teams create great chemistry.

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