Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your Leadership Development Strategy

What is your strategy to become a better leader?  Everyone needs a strategy - a plan with objectives, and an action plan to get started.  Your plan should be based on your passions (where do you want to make a difference as a leader), your strengths, your resources, (time, money, access to leaders, availability of programs, and availability of programs, etc...), your current obligations, your career goals, your community goals, your family goals, and your personal goals.  A thoughtful development plan will consider the leader you need to be in all aspects of your life.  Remember, you are building foundations for yourself that will allow you to serve many.

At Lead Your Way, we create environments that build upon the following leadership foundations:

1) Authentic Leadership:  A leader that builds upon the passions, strengths, and unique experiences of each person.

2) Personal Accountability: The ability to commit to, account for, and achieve individual intentions and goals.

3) Systems Thinking: The ability to see the whole environment - interrelationships between people and communities in order to understand the consequences of leadership action or inaction.

4) Creative Collaborative Problem Solving: The ability to work with others to generate creative, sustainable solutions to the problems we face and create.

5) Commitment to be a Service: The desire and commitment to making a positive impact in our communities and creating the next generation of leaders.

These are the five pillars of leadership development that we believe will help most people grow as leaders and create an environment around themselves for great opportunities for others. 

If you don't have a strategy, take a few minutes and decide who is the leader you want to be and can be one day, and create your strategy.

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