Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Eye Test

Leaders trust what they see, what they feel, and have the courage to take a stand.  My wife displayed this concept to me once again last week.

One of my sons had surgery to repair a torn ACL.  The surgery went well.  The doctor was pleased.  The nurses were pleased.  My son wanted to go home even though he was a bit sick to his stomach as a result of the anesthesia.  I wanted to go home.  We were ready to start the check-out process. 

As we started the process my wife asked my son a couple of questions.  Then she asked the nurses a number of contingency questions and finally stated, "He just doesn't look right to me; I think we should stay the night."  She then looked to me and asked my opinion.

After nearly twenty years of marriage, I know how to respond.  "I think we should follow your instincts."

Needless to say, my son then suffered a very difficult time recovering from the anesthesia and at some point during his violent retching, broke a wire nerve block that had been surgically inserted.  We were very fortunate to have stayed the night; we were very fortunate my wife was confident enough to take a stand based on what she could see and what she thought was going to happen.   Her foresight was excellent - she made a big difference for everyone involved, especially my son.

Think about your world.  Is there something you see at the moment that doesn't pass your eye test?

What could you do to make a difference?

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