Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When nothing less than greatness will do.

Inspirational leadership starts in the souls, the hearts, and the minds of leaders.  Leaders are moved to action by goals, injustice, problems, ideas, ideals, possibilities - the reasons can be as different as the leaders themselves.  When inspired, leaders will provide solutions, answers and be examples of possibilities in motion. They will also create an environment for others to join them in these quests.  So how do leaders stay inspired?

A way to stay inspired is to ask yourself questions that frame your leadership goals on a daily basis.  Ask yourself:  what am I trying to cause as a leader?  why am I trying to cause this?  what will be the impact of my leadership? You must understand, acknowledge, and value the positive impact of your leadership and be accountable for the results when your leadership is absent.  You must see and feel the difference when you are a leader at your best and when your leadership is absent.  Be your own leadership coach; challenge yourself to be great.

In the movie Invictus - The new President of South Africa Nelson Mandela (portrayed by Morgan Freeman) asks the Captain of the national Rugby team Francois Pienaar (portrayed by Matt Damon) three questions which all leaders should consider as often as possible.

What is your leadership philosophy?

How do you inspire people to be better than they think they can be?

How do you inspire greatness when nothing less than greatness is necessary for the situation?

What do you think?

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