Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leadership Development Questions To Consider

Recently, I have been posed this question by a number of organizational leaders - "We need more leaders in our company but our system isn't working. What should we do?"  Here are some Leadership Development questions to ask in the diagnostic stage of creating a leadership development system that help clarify needs for organizational developers.  I hope these will get you started.

Is creating a leadership development system a necessity and priority or a luxury and secondary objective?

Do you have measurable expectations for leaders at each level?

Do you understand the challenges of competitive situations your leaders will be expected to lead through in normal, intensive, and crisis situations?

What resources (systems, financial, people, information, time, guidance, technology) will be available to each of your leaders?

Who do your leaders need to be to create an elite team?

What will your leaders need to do to ensure success?

What level of accountability for critical decisions will they be expected to make?

What are the four most important characteristics you need your leaders to display consistently?

How would you judge your current leaders based on the answers above?

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