Thursday, May 26, 2011

Parents - Don't Fall Into the GPA Trap

All kids take their first leadership models from their parents; parents are and always will be the most important leadership instructors.  All parents hope to create an environment where their children can grow physically, emotionally and spiritually, and one day become the next generation of family and community leaders.  Agreed?  Agreed.

I've been in a leadership conversation with parents, teachers, and administrators recently concerning parents who are lobbying for changes in standards to ensure their children's grade point averages stay high.  Parents - if you are more worried about the grade your child receives than the knowledge, skills, and characteristics developed in the pursuit of the grade, you are in the wrong leadership conversation.  Teach your children to prepare, study, sacrifice and put their best effort forward.  Do not lobby the school to lower the standards or methodologies to ensure your child gets an A.  Lowering the standards to maintain an image of excellence leads to a slippery slope where children ultimately are left without the skills to learn, adapt, and succeed in a life filled with countless challenges.  Do not enable your child; do not create a sense of entitlement in your child.  Promote work ethic, resourcefulness, and resolve.

Could our education system be improved?  Yes. But parents must become a part of the whole solution working with the administrators and teachers to create an environment of holistic excellence, not the mirage of success through inflated grades earned  in classes with low standards.  Let's expect a lot from ourselves and our kids.    


  1. "Promote work ethic, resourcefulness, and resolve." this applies to the end of year conversation of a teen saying "But I'm not doing anything in school can't I just take Friday off?"

  2. I agree -- Here's a link to my similar sentiment