Monday, May 2, 2011

Ready, Set - Oh, it's About Me?

Leadership development is focused on creating confident and competent leadership.  Significant personal change usually starts when you stop thinking and talking about what people are doing to you and start thinking and talking about what opportunities you can create for yourself and others.  You can't be in a powerful leadership conversation when you are thinking like a victim.

I've listened to hundreds of stories about the circumstances that keep people from being the leaders "they want to be" or "they could be".  I think these are natural coping mechanisms; they are excuses that allow us not to venture into an uncomfortable situation.  This is why it's called personal leadership - you and only you can be the one that makes the choice to take a chance and venture into new territory.

Is it difficult?  Yes.

Is it natural?  Not for most people.

Will you succeed?  Sometimes.

Is it worth a try? It depends how serious you are about being a leader - being a leader for yourself and creating opportunities for others.

Leadership by definition is risky.  You are going first; you are taking the lead.  Pioneers and settlers are different kinds of people.  But if you want to be the best possible leader you can be, you have to change yourself.  Don't get caught up in your own story about other people - focus your energy on how you can change, who you are, who you can be, what you can do.  If you are confident, competent, and inspired by yourself - people will follow you.

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