Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leadership Lib

I am so sick of watching national leaders do stupid things that challenge my belief in their nobility and intentions, that I can only try to laugh to keep from crying.  This is for all the unfortunate people who have been betrayed by the inexplicable actions of a leader they trusted.

M:  Can you believe ________________________?  What a(n) _______________!
                                         (insert leaders name)                              (noun)

W: I am _________________.  I think that ______________  _______________
                  (adjective)                                     (adjective)                   (noun)

      should have to ____________  ________________ everyone who ever trusted
                                    (verb)               (noun)                                  
      _________________ .

M:  You’re too nice.  I think they should ___________________ that ungrateful

       ________________________  while everyone ____________ used 
             (noun)                                                             (he/she)


W:   What were they thinking?  Why would they _________________ such a great


M:  I guess it was the _________________________    ____________________.
                                             (adjective)                                    (noun)           

W:  Dumb _____________.

Be a Leader.

Be responsible for your actions all the time.

Make smart choices that cause positive impacts.

Be disciplined in the face of great temptations.

Don’t be a joke.

Don’t be a(n) ______________ .

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