Monday, June 6, 2011

Pace of Achievment

I'm taking a vacation next week.  I will accomplish more this week because I want to go and vacation and be able to relax.

I turned 47 last week and decided to lose 20 pounds; I needed to adhere to a strict diet for the first time in my life.  The pounds have gone, come back, and gone away again, in direct proportion to my ability to be hungry and to avoid a couple of beers at night. 

Both situation got me thinking about how I choose to focus my time, energy, and thinking to achieve success; how my setting clear goals, plans, and priorities, then sticking to those goals, can speed up my pace of achievement.  It's a fact. The level of urgency prior to a week away from the office creates a different level of energy and accomplishment.  Why isn't that level present all the time? Because we are pacing ourselves.  We are causing results sufficient as we see the situation.  In other words, we are determining a level of performance based on the pace we want to keep, based on what we need and how we feel.  If we view the situation as normal and feel our needs are adequately addressed,  we tend to do what is necessary but we don't push for new possibilities.  If we can take it easy, we do.

However, if there is an opportunity, a crisis, or an important personal goal, like piece of mind on a vacation, we will put forth more effort to ensure we reach our personal goals.

So, how do we increase our pace of performance?  Create clear and measurable goals which are important enough for you to sacrifice a bit of comfort and inspire you to push yourself on a daily basis.  Your pace of achievement will become sustainable as you grow comfortable with a different level of activity and become proud of your results.

See if you can expand your vacation energy a little longer than a week before vacation.

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