Friday, June 24, 2011

You are Always Causing Something....

 Leaders evaluate situations, create goals, assess different courses of action, pick the best plan based on the situation, communicate the plan, and inspire people to action.  Consequently, how you view your situation or situations determines your perspectives, choices, actions and inaction.  Your decisions always have impacts and consequences.  This is true for individuals, families, groups, teams, communities, and nations.  Hopefully, overtime, what is caused becomes more positive, more fulfilling, more effective through a combination of self awareness, accountability, maturity, perspective, wisdom, and experience.  As we grow and evolve as people, teams, communities and as leaders, the hard work and hard learning will synthesize what truly matters and the confidence and capabilities gained on these journeys will enable us all to be great stewards of precious resources and giving role models for the next generation of leaders.

The wisdom earned over a lifetime can positively impact the lives of many when you are accountable for the choices, perspectives, actions and inaction you cause on a daily basis.

Be aware of the choices you are making in key parts of your life.
Understand "why" you make these choices.
Understand the impact on yourself and the people around you.
Ask yourself "Is this the best I can do?'
Work to change yourself; evolve as a leader to improve the lives of others.
Cause what you want to cause.
Create a beautiful story.

The "most interesting man" in the world would say - "choose wisely my friend".  I agree.

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