Sunday, July 17, 2011

Get What You Need to Lead

Are you sourcing the needs of the leader in you?  All leaders provide purpose, direction, and motivation.  They lead by example, they create environments for progress, they inspire others to take chances and be leaders, they show the way, they keep things moving, and so much more.  It takes an extraordinary amount of energy to be a good leader.  To lead well, leaders must keep his or her personal "leadership reserve"filled to the brim to ensure they have the necessary fuel to serve others.  Here is a quick checklist to measure your current "leadership reserve'?

To get the the best results answer from the heart - in the moment; how do you feel right now?

1)  Are you inspired by who you are today?

2)  Are you inspired by what you will do today?

3)  Are you committed to the purpose you will serve today?

4) Do you like the direction you are heading today?

5)  Do you care about the people you work with today?

6)  What's the must important step you can take to cause progress today?

If you love what you do, if you like the direction you are headed, if you care about the people on your team, if you respect yourself and the cause you serve, and you can see the next step to cause progress - the chances are good that you're excited about going to work today.  If you're excited - the people around you can be excited. 

If you weren't sure about any of the question above.  Take a minute to discover why.  Most leaders are usually too busy to ask themselves the important questions that enable peak performance.  To be inspiring - we must be inspired.  Leaders must arrive at every situation ready to lead; they must infuse their team with energy, hope, and drive at every opportunity.  To do so, leaders must be masters of themselves in order to serve others.  Leaders must take the time to know themselves, be connected to how they feel, and to constantly keep their precious leadership reserve filled to lead well.

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