Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bankruptcy for the United States is NOT Acceptable

Congress, it's time to do your job.

You were elected to make laws and budgets to ensure the safety, sustainability, and prosperity of the American people. 

It's time to do your job.

I know it's the other party's fault.  The other party's policies have led to all our current economic woes and budget deficits.  I hear both parties.  You make convincing arguments; it's probably how you got elected.  I am impressed by your rhetoric about the faults of the other guys.  I also don't want to hear it until we have a plan that will address our country's debt problems.  I am not for Democrats or Republicans; I am for leadership and I don't understand how the American people can be put at such risk so cavalierly.  Give us a plan and do it now.

It's time to do your job.

If the United States government was held to the same standards of a public company,  the investors would require the Board of Directors to fire the group of leaders who allowed the company to spiral into such a poor financial position.  We should do the same thing - it's time to send the message to our Congress.  Violating our debt ceiling, continued deficit spending, and poor financial stewardship are unacceptable practices. We need practical, common sense, and sustainable fiscal leadership. 

It' time to do your job.

Let your Congressperson know it's time to get to work and give us a plan that will work.  It's time to take our country away from economic uncertainty. It's time to adhere to common sense principles that will be effective in times of recession or expansion.  As a citizen of the United States, your job is to guide our elected leaders.  You have a voice that matters.  Let them know what you think.

It's time to do your job.

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