Friday, July 29, 2011

A Different Game

My 12 year old son Owen and his buddy Joe were fishing for minnows with a net in a bay near our home last night.  They fished for about an hour; they caught five bait fish.  I gave them a few words of advice but stayed quiet after a few quips; I wanted them to have some fun.  As they packed up to leave, schools of minnows churned up the water near the shore.  A white and gray Seagull landed a few feet from us and observed the churning water.

The black eyed bird stared at us for a moment, then in a flash plucked a minnow from the water and hurried down the beach a safe distance from the three of us to choke down his meal.

A minute later, he came back and eyed us again.

Owen said,"he's mocking us."

I said, "no - he doesn't have time to worry about mocking us.  He's playing a different game; he trying to stay alive.  You guys are just having a little fun."

The boys nodded in admiration of the Seagull's skills as he successfully struck again.

The Seagull ate four more fish as we walked away.  The boys started planning how to do better next time.

They will do better next time.  They watched a master and learned.

The Seagull made me consider what level of game I was playing in my life.  I thought about what parts of my life I was playing all out.  It's a complicated thought and one that needs to be considered.

PS:  They didn't catch any fish off the dock with the minnows either.  Maybe next time.

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