Friday, July 22, 2011

Find your creative gymnasium.

"Our aspirations are our possibilities."  Robert Browning

Nurturing your creative quotient will require some adjustments and new habits.  You will need to find time, space, a place, and courage to reconnect to your imagination and dapple in art.  I struggle with all of the above but here are a few hints to get you started. 

Turn down the noise.  Disconnect and let your mind be still for a while.  We are so connected to information, anxiety, obligations, dreams, fears, screens, etc... that we have little time to take a mental breath.  To be creative, we need to let our minds wander to new possibilities disconnected from our daily accountabilities. Seek a time for your imagination to be wild.  For me, it's on a run - without an ipod - waiting for the creative to come.  If I can relax - I can usually come up with an idea a mile.  Since I can only run about four miles and I can only remember four ideas - it works for me.

Be consistent - five minutes of creativity a day is better than none.  Set a consistent time to exercise your creativity.  In the beginning as you stretch your creative muscles again - you may feel awkward.  But like exercise - you will become stronger and more confident with consistent effort. 

Find a place.  All artists have a special place to create.  Preferences are as unique as the people - some like light, some like seclusion, some like a certain view - but everyone has a place where they feel free.  Discover where your creative muse finds you.  Then go there as often as possible.

Going to your creative gym will take courage.  Even if you never share your work with anyone else, you will  sacrifice something else in your life in order to strengthen your creative tools.  It takes courage to stare at a blank piece of paper and will something to happen.  When you decide to share your creative side with others - it will require more courage.  Take heart - we're all afraid and we all have something to offer.

Find your place to create who you can be.

If you have suggestions for others - please share - you could help someone create something beautiful.

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