Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Next Generation of Leaders Needs Help

"The most important job of every servant leader is to help create the next generation of leaders."  Robert Greenleaf.

There are a great number of willing, able, and capable young people ready to be leaders in our communities.

Here are some interesting notes we have learned in recent discussions with educators, non-profit leaders, and social entrepreneurs regarding our next generation of leaders.

  • Absent parents are not teaching kids the basics about life; they are not preparing them to make smart choices. 
  • Kids learn best in Peer to Peer conversations; they want to learn from other young leaders.
  • In an effort to protect children from disappointment - many adults are discouraging kids from pursuing their early interests and dreams; they are unwittingly dousing flames of passion.
  • The unraveling of the close knit extended family has removed a group of constant loving adults from most children's lives.
  • Many kids don't have consistent support and guidance necessary for them to become confident, competent, contributing community members.
  • The sluggish economy is making these problems worse not better.

We're trying in our own little way to help the next generation of leaders; our efforts seem like a drop in the ocean compared to the challenges these kids face.  However, we know we can make a difference in our community.  Can you make a difference in yours?

Be a role model.  Help create a leader in your house, in your family, or in your community.

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