Friday, July 8, 2011

READ Before You React

I was preparing a class called "Being an Effective Communicator". 

One of the points I wanted to discuss was how our attention spans are so short these days, that it is imperative that the sender of a message ensures they capture the attention of the receiver of a message to enable a complete message delivery.

While typing, I noticed that an appointment on my calender for that day had been cancelled.  A living example of business ADD - I shifted my attention.

The meeting had been cancelled a few days before, but this was the first time I was curious enough to want to know why.  So, I snapped off a quick query to the meeting organizer.

"Hey. Why was our meeting meeting cancelled?"

This was the response I copied from his e-mail:

"Mike, my Mom died Thursday and is being buried this morning. I made a note in the cancellation, but you and a couple others did not see the note. We will have to regroup in Aug or Sept. I will be at a professional development conference next week and then on vacation for two weeks.
Thanks so much for your flexibility and understanding. I never question the timing of things, and think this will ultimately better serve our intentions and purposes."

I felt worse than an ass.  How was that for effective communication on my part?

If a part of wisdom is learning from someone else's mistakes, please be wiser than me and take the time to read the whole message that people have taken the time to prepare to avoid unnecessary communication break-downs.

The only thing I can say for myself - is live, learn, and get better- hopefully - I will.

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