Thursday, July 7, 2011

Conversation Counts- You Matter

Since I live near Bethany Beach, I usually see most of my oldest friends 4th of July weekend.  This weekend, I heard a disturbing pattern regarding this blog. My oldest friends told me he liked the blog and had a comment he'd like to make from time to time, but didn't post his thoughts because he didn't want to sound ....dumb, uneducated, inexperienced, uninformed, wrong, in conflict with me, etc...  Another friend told me, "people think you're smart, so they don't comment."

That touched a nerve with me.  My core belief is that leadership is not a concept/ principle reserved for a select few, but an opportunity available to many who choose to be aware, accountable, willing to work, willing to take risks, willing to serve, and willing to lead.  We want to open the conversation to more people, not close down possibility.

I want to make sure every reader knows this blog was established to create an environment for a conversation about leadership.  It's a forum to help us all evolve as leaders so we are better able to serve others.  In creating this:

  • We hope to serve the cause of positive, accountable, servant leadership.
  • We hope to inspire, affirm, offer tips and ideas that may work for leaders working to evolve.
  • We want to be informed, accountable participants in a larger conversation. 
  • We are evolving as well; we have a long way to go to be who we could be.

Our opinions, ideas, stories aren't more valuable than yours.  Your opinions, ideas, and ideas help create, shape, and inspire opportunities.  Take a chance. Get involved in the conversation. Your thoughts couldn't be worse than some of the stuff I've written.  Haven't you been reading?

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