Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mastering a Leadership "And"

Good leaders master themselves in order to lead in many different situations.  Most leaders must evolve to master the question of the "And".  The "And" is what turns a simple problem to a complex choice.  Leaders constantly face tough questions such as:

How do I get the job done as quickly as possible and not be a micro manager? 
How do enforce the rules and show respect for the team? 
How do we make a profit and give great service? 
How do I teach my child to work and enjoy life? 

The list is endless for thoughtful leaders. The question of the "And" should be ever present for leaders - it means you are considering the whole picture.

I wrote about how "task" oriented leaders can connect with "people" oriented leaders.  Here is an excellent observation from Dr. Clifton Griffin from Salisbury University addressing the idea of the "And".

Dear Jen and Mike,

My brain is exercising on today’s reading, and here is a quick observation!  My experience is that truly dynamic and effective leaders can be both task oriented and people oriented.  For instance, in thinking about yesterday’s flow of activities, there were times that I needed to engage directly with folks and other times that I needed to be focused on the task at hand, drafting a complicated process document.  The discipline comes in when you have to be interrupted and then get back to the task!  Sometimes, I am better at than others!  So!  To me, great leaders can move between task and people,  and if they are weaker in an area, they attack that weakness through practice!  See…you think that I don’t read these! 

I agree...recognition, discipline, and practice will enable leaders to be either a people or task manager when needed.

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