Monday, August 22, 2011

Ways to Connect to People (for Logical Thinkers)

Leaders practice leadership based upon many key personal filters.  One leadership filter is the question of whether or not someone has a "people or task" preference.  Some leaders prefer to work with people to accomplish goals.  They want and need to connect with other people to achieve progress. Other leaders are task oriented.  They create plans, lists, and tasks to organize thoughts and actions.  Task oriented people rely upon logic and organization to achieve results.  Every leader has a natural preference, but both kinds of leaders are needed in an organization for sustainability. 

Leaders who are people orientated connect easily with others, express empathy easily, and would rather spend their time in conversations. Task oriented leaders are gifted planners, they understand organizational needs, they understand time, and timings, they are comfortable with "to do" lists.  They thrive on checking off their progress.

Most task oriented people must think about connecting with people.  If you are a task oriented leader - here are five easy ways to connect with others.

1)  Smile - forget about what isn't done for a moment and smile.  It makes people comfortable and happy.

2)  Ask someone "how they are doing?"  Take a minute and let someone know you care about how they feel.

3)  Before you lay out the "whole" plan - give others a chance to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns.  Lay out your objectives and ask for input.  Let more people have a part in the planning.  You will get better results.

4)  Let others develop plans.  You can only do so much.  Teach others how to plan and organize for success.  Be a mentor and coach.  Let go of your dependence upon "the list" and learn to count on people.

5)  Trust people.  People will surprise you if you give them a chance.  Look for the good in others and find the possibility in the situation for connection.  Venture from your comfort zone.

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