Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Inaction led to abuse."

Inaction has consequences.  Another child sex scandal is in the headlines. This alleged crime happened at Penn State University involving an ex-football coach who used his football camp to prey upon kids. 
These incidents are absolutely sickening; they are absolutely unacceptable.  What is even more puzzling is that respected administrators were complicit in the crime.  University officials failed to fully investigate the rumors and allegations surrounding the possible abuses.  They chose not to act.

Leadership is a choice.  In fact, leadership is making constant decisions.  Leadership is present when something changes.  If these charges are true - the football coach is a demented predator and the Penn State University administrators who did not fulfill their responsibilities as leaders are guilty of malicious inaction.  At some point, the consequences to finding the truth are so awful that some leaders don't want to see the possibilities so they close their eyes and let problems exist.

Leaders can't close their eyes and make a positive difference.

Are you closing your eyes to something important?

If so – wake up and make a difference.

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