Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knowing who you need to succeed.

Foresight and discernment are essential for success as a leader.  These two characteristics influence how a leader chooses his or her team.  All leaders must define what kind of person will help the team succeed.  They must know who they need on their team to ensure success.  Consequently, every leader must be able to accurately assess a team member's - personal goals. personality/attitude, skills, personal values, work ethic, personal accountability, ability and commitment to relate to other people, and desire to help the team be great. 

Once a successful teammember profile has been established - all organizational leaders must vigilantly ensure every new member of the organization has the necessary personal traits to improve the organization.  All organizations need great people to grow in tough times; ensure your personal selection system gives you a chance to succeed.

Even the best organizations stray from proven principles.  Recently, New England Patriots football coach Bill Belichick cut gifted but underachieving Albert Haynesworth after an unseccessful attempt to fit Haynesworth's incredible talent (and lackluster attitude) into the Patriots Super Bowl winning culture.  Belichick failed - as many others had before - to inspire Haynesworth to play to his potential.  Haynesworth is good at making people believe he is great and collecting big paychecks - his days as a player willing to work hard are long past.  But Belichick made the mistake of swaying from his organizational development principles; he thought he could fix Haynesworth's attitude.

Former General Manager Scott Pioli discussed the winning formula for personnel selection in the past.

"Bill and I understand how demanding his program is," Pioli said.  "I know his personality well, and I understand what he's willing to tolerate and what he's not willing to tolerate.  We make sure we dont' bring in the kind of people  he's not willing to tolerate.  People who don't get it aren't going to make it here."

Pioli knew the kind of person it takes to meet the demands and standards of the organization.  Belichick took a chance; it didn't work out -so  he removed the underperforming player from the organizaiton before there was anymore damage. 

The foundation of an organization's long term success is a dynamic mix of people and personalities that create a distinctive winning culture.  Leader's build the foundation for the team's culture with each person they chose for the team.

Choose wisely for sustainable success.

Create high standards.

Know what kind of person you want/need on your team for a winning culture.

Recruit and select only the best for your team and then do everything you can to keep them.

Don't sway from your standards to "fix people".

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