Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leadership Index of the US Presidential Hopefuls

All leaders have certain qualities, capabilities, and skills that make them successful.  Every level of leadership has a unique blend of requirements from leaders depending upon the position, the goals of the organizations, the requirements of the positions, the situation and environment in which the leader will operate, and the resources of the organization.  Every leadership position has a profile for success if viewed as a rating system. I call it a Leadership Index. 

The Leadership Index defines what a leader must See, Be, Do, and Cause to succeed for their organization.

Though their are leadership principles which apply to nearly all positions, the unique challenges, situations, and goals of each organization must be considered to effectively project the kind of leadership challenges a prospective leader will need to conquer.

That said, I have decided to create my own Leadership Index for the Presidential Hopefuls in the United States.  I'll update the ratings when I feel something has changed in my perception. 

I am a registered Independent.  I'm not a fan of either political party in name; I am all for positive and effective leadership.

Here is my key for this Leadership Index for the President: to handle the job...will provide the necessary direction, purpose, and motivation for the capable of being the leader of the country in a time of great challenge, change, and division...can lead the country to solve our great economic and global security challenges and address our social challenges...will uphold the prestige of America in the eyes of the world. people hope...makes people want to try to be better...encourages changes and sacrifice through their words and deeds...models teamwork and work ethic...displays common sense...gets people excited about who we are and who we can be as a nation...stays grounded and human. a steward of the nation's resources, reputation, and the office of the President...deeds match words and intentions...takes accountability for everything caused or selfless and committed to the success of the country above their own authentic.

Vision...thinks strategically...has a long term outlook for the country...understands consequences of an effective systems thinker...seeks opportunities...avoids problems...finds solutions...sets in place long term fixes to dilemmas...aligns people, resources, and power for effective action...understands how to collaborate on a global scale...understands how the key components of the economy, diplomacy, and power interact...has a sense of time and timing...understands how to create daily action and progress to achieve a grand goal.

Resourcefulness...can adapt quickly...can galvanize people to change to meet the demands of dramatic opportunities or threats...can suffer setbacks and still lead effectively...psychological toughness...commitment to succeed...resilience in the face of doubt, adversity, and failure...catalytic force for success.


Competence:                     4
Inspiration:                        4
Honesty:                           6
Vision:                              4
Resourcefulness:               4

Leadership Index Score:  22


Competence:                    5
Inspiration:                       4
Honesty:                          4
Vision:                             6
Resourcefulness:              6

Leadership Index Score:  25


Competence:                  3
Inspiration:                      7
Honesty:                         3
Vision:                            3
Resourcefulness:             5

Leadership Index Score:  21


Competence:                  6
Inspiration:                      3
Honesty:                         6
Vision:                            6
Resourcefulness:             6

Leadership Index Score:  27


Competence:                  3
Inspiration:                     4
Honesty:                        7
Vision:                           4
Resourcefulness:            3

Leadership Index Score:  21

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