Saturday, November 19, 2011

Words of Wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha

A group of lucky students from my Alma mater Gonzaga University visited Warren Buffett recently.  Mr. Buffett was kind enough to treat the students to a two hour question and answer period about his experiences in business and in life.  The students remarked about Buffett's well known humble manner, his down to earth approach to life, and his extraordinary intelligence but there was one piece of interesting advice I thought worthy of passing on to leaders at all levels.

Buffet said, "If you want to increase your value by 50% in the marketplace - what you should do is become very good at communicating your ideas orally and in writing."

That is a bit of market advice  - from someone who understands the value of leadership - that we can all work on for life.

Kudos to Mr. Buffett for taking the time to create the next generation of leaders.

A link to the quote and the full article is below.

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