Saturday, January 14, 2012

Communicating Like a Leader

Great communication is not an accident.  Here are a few thoughts from a recent seminar we delivered on communicating like a leader.
Key Points:
A)     You are always communicating something.
B)      The leader is responsible for clarity or confusion.
C)      Preparation is key to effective communication; think before you speak. 
D)     Leaders are responsible for all they cause or do not cause with their communication.
E)      Leaders choose what & how they will communicate.

Questions we asked with the answers listed below:
1)      What are some of the memorable characteristics of great communicators in your life?
-They listened.
-They were interested.
-They were kind.
-They were wise.
-They cared.
-They captured people’s imagination.
-They were direct.
-They connected with people.
-They could be trusted.
-They were down to earth.
-They got us motivated.
-They spoke with strength and confidence.
2)      What did these great communicators create?
3)      What do poor communicators cause?
-Low morale.
-Low profit margins.

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