Monday, January 16, 2012

Images of Leadership from the NFL final eight weekend.

Leadership tips the scales when two equally matched foes play for high stakes.  Last weekend, the best eight professional football teams played in an elimination playoff.  Only four would continue the quest to be champion.  Just to be able to play last weekend was special - therefore - the leaders of these organizations had performed better than most of the league. But to reach the next level - the leaders would need to cause more.

Here are some images that stood out to me on the field.

New Orleans Saints versus San Francisco 49ers.

Drew Brees, QB of the Saints - poised, calm, and determined as his team fell behind early in the game, and then again late in the game.  Brees kept his team in the game.

Alex Smith, QB, for the 49ers - accurate, athletic, and correct in his decisions as he led his team to victory.  This may have been a transformational game as a leader for Smith.

Vernon Davis, TE, for the 49ers - overcome with joy after catching the game winning touchdown falling into coach Jim Harbaugh's arms.  Davis had a record setting day; he made several game changing plays.

New England Patriots versus Denver Broncos.

Tom Brady - focused, effective, and determined.  The game was over by half-time; Brady caused the lopsided victory.

Baltimore Ravens versus Houston Texans

JJ Watt, DE , Demeco Ryans, LB, and the Texans defense fighting to keep the game close.

Ray Lewis, LB, for the Baltimore Ravens, hustling to make a tackle for a seven yard loss late in the game.

Ed Reed, S, for the Baltimore Ravens, sealing the victory by wanting the ball more than anyone else in the end zone.

New York Giants versus Green Bay Packers.

The Giants defense - menacing, fast, disruptive, and nasty.  Slowed down the powerful Packers Offense.

Tom Coughlin - getting a hug from Brandon Jacobs as time expired.  Coughlin never gets enough credit as a leader.

What image of leadership will you create today? What play will you make today?

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