Monday, January 2, 2012

What will you fulfill in 2012?

It's a new year - so let's get to work. 

Leaders create possibilities and bring forth potential - for themselves and others.

Leaders cause fulfilment.

Here are a few select definitions for you to consider as you decide what you will fulfill this year.

Fulfill - a verb - to carry out...bring full finish or complete.

Fulfilment - a noun - to achieve one's potential or desire.

Fulfill oneself - to achieve one's potential or desire.

Your choices will create opportunities.  Here are a few questions to help you nurture fulfilment.

Do you know what you wish to cause this year?  Do you know what is meaningful to you?

Are you willing to work and sacrifice to achieve your goal?

Do you see what is possible?

Do you know who you must be to cause fulfillment?

Do you understand what you must do?

Will you be personally fulfilled by your journey?

If you see your path - get moving - there are many people waiting for you.

Good luck.

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