Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Leader is the key to potential.

Every leader is the bar to which their team can perform.  They are both possibility for success and failure.  It is rare that a team will perform better than it's leader will allow.  Therefore, a leader must constantly grow to give her or his organization a chance to evolve.  If the leader is stuck; the organization is stuck.

Here are some questions to ponder as a leader?

Is your team reaching your expectations?

Is your team reaching their potential?

Is your team good?  Could they be great?

Are you meeting your personal expectations?

Are you meeting your potential as a leader?

Are you a good leader?  What would it take to be a great leader?

These are tough questions; these are important questions.

Few leaders like to ponder this list for long - it is uncomfortable to admit some truths.  But if you are willing to take a hard look at yourself as a leader, the results your leadership is causing, and new possibilities to grow as a person - and as a leader - your team will grow as well.

You are the cap to your team's growth potential; are you open or closed?

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