Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fine Lines - important lines.

When I served in the US Army's Ranger Regiment - being "hard" was a compliment.  It meant you were tough enough to handle anything.  There was another saying among veteran Non-Commissioned Officers that went.  "There is a fine line between hard and stupid."  To Rangers that meant, you to be "hard" and smart enough to not have to do something stupid to prove it.

There are fine lines in leadership awareness that every leader needs to understand - staying within your lines has consequences - crossing the lines has consequences.  As a leader, you are accountable for your choices and results. You can create different performance patterns with better awareness and better choices.

Some fine lines to consider:

Your greatest strength as a leader is also your greatest weakness.

Your natural personality tendencies for power, achievement, or affiliation are not appropriate for effective leadership in all situations.

There is a time for planning; there is a time for action.

There is focused and there is stressed.

What is busy?  What is effective?

What is leadership?  What is effective leadership?

What is good?  What is right?

When should I lead?  When should I follow?

When do I help?  When do I enable poor results?

Being aware of how and when you are making your leadership choices will improve your results as a leader.  You are always causing something as a leader - make the choice to cause something great.

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