Sunday, April 8, 2012

You are always an example of something.

Your attitude, your words, and your actions always cause an impression upon people.  It is both a gift and a burden for leaders.  It is a gift that if harnessed can influence many people positively and a burden due to the weight of constant scrutiny.  Leaders are always held to higher standards, therefore, leaders must be mindful of the consequences they may cause both intended and unintended.

Charles Barkley famously said after a late night run in with law enforcement officials.  "I'm not a role model."  That was a silly statement - of course he's a role model.  Tiger Woods kicked his 9-Iron after a poor shot on Friday.  Yesterday, he punished the tee box after a poor drive.  These acts are violations of the etiquette of the game. That is not the way you play the game. Woods knows better; Woods knows he a leader.  His message that it is "OK to lose your cool when things don't go your way" is  wrong.  But given Woods profile and popularity, I'm sure there will be many sore toes and bent driver shafts over the coming weeks as golfers young and old emulate Tiger's tantrum.

Woods understands the stage - he knows it's more than a game.  He should send a different message.

Leadership is a burden at times.  Leaders are human - therefore all leaders will falter.  However, all leaders must be aware of the time, place, audience, and potential impact of their attitudes, words, and actions.  Leaders who are accountable for all they cause - will cause a better world.

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