Sunday, June 10, 2012

He made himself a swimmer.

I know a young man named Logan.  Logan played soccer with one of my sons Conor.  Logan was a good athlete - he was not a great soccer player but he played hard and was a great teammate.  Logan's resources and support from home were maxed out; we were glad to help him get to and from practice when we could.

A few months after soccer season, I saw Logan at a swim meet.  He shook my hand and smiled as he passed me on the way to the starting block.  He swam fifty meters like he played soccer - there was a great deal of splashing as Logan muscled his way through the water.  He struggled to a third place finish in his heat.  He passed me red faced, panting, and obviously disappointed in his finish. 

I said. "Nice job Logan."

He didn't hear me.  He was muttering to himself about going faster.

My wife saw him as well.  She is a good swimmer.  We both noticed Logan had joined the swim team and commented on what a good kid he was and that his swimming stoke needed a bit of...."work".

Last week - I read in the paper that Logan earned a swimming scholarship.  Two years after I had first heard him say he wanted to go faster, Logan was going fast enough to join a college swim team.

I asked my boys how it happened.  They told me Logan had decided that he needed to get a swimming scholarship to go to college.  They said he swam constantly often times to the point of exhaustion - leaving the contents of his lunch on the side of the pool as a signal that it was time to end a workout.  Their admiration and respect for his work ethic and commitment were evident as they told Logan's story.  They knew Logan had made himself a swimmer.  They knew that he had created an opportunity for his future.  They knew he was a young man willing to work for what he wanted.  They knew he had made himself better.

Logan is a great example to us all. 

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