Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Adventures

As we embark upon vacation season, we are reminded of the vacations we took as children, the places we escaped to, the people we spent time with, and of the delicacies we shared.  Last week my cousin Joe and I had the occasion to re-connect and naturally, reminisced about our shared childhood summer adventures.   Although our vacations lacked the frivolity, indulgence and grandeur that many seek during such getaways, we got our monies worth.  Little did we know at the ages of 6 and 7 this wasn’t the stuff of which dreams were made.
The “shack” that our grandparents rented off the Nanticoke River had no running water, no indoor plumbing, no air conditioning, and no TV.  It did, however, sport a good old fashioned out-house in the back yard where the toads croaked and the mosquitos happily feasted upon your visit.  The kitchen sink was fully equipped with a pump whose handle splashed brackish water about when encouraged. Clearly, it was void of a garbage disposal so our leftovers from dinner were tossed outback where the alley cats anxiously waited alongside the rain barrel that collected our fresh bath water.
Days were filled with fishing, crabbing, swimming, dissecting jellyfish, bike riding and indulging in handfuls of candy from our walks to the General Store with Pop-pop.  Evenings consisted of catching lightening bugs until we retired to the screened-in porch where we watched the moon rise, shared stories, listened to the cicadas, and sheltered ourselves from the mosquitos adorned to the outside of the screen.
In looking back this past week, my cousin Joe and I delighted in acknowledging that those scorching hot days along the Nanticoke were not only the happiest days of our lives, they were filled with the great leadership lessons of resourcefulness, creativity, unity, gratitude, simplicity, and humor.  You can’t imagine how much baby oil we slathered on to procure our tans or how much fried perch and stewed tomatoes we were forced to consume. Oh, and this all took place during the 1970’s not the 1800’s.

Posted by: Eunice Carpitella, Lead Your Way Solutions, Consultant
As a consultant for Lead Your Way Solutions, Eunice develops and delivers programs for professionals committed to transformation and success. Eunice brings a strategic and operational prowess that guides positive change, develops leaders, and influences decision making at every level.   She holds an M.S. in Organizational Dynamics from The University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from Arcadia University.  She lives in Sussex County, Delaware and enjoys world travel, photography, hiking, yoga and beaching it.

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