Saturday, August 18, 2012

Something that matters.

I was in a conversation with Sarah Clark yesterday.  I asked her,"what have you learned working in the realm of leadership development this summer?" 

She said, "it was exciting, it was energizing, it made me think of the big picture in life - it changed me."

I asked, "how did it change you?"

She said, "the conversations matter.  The work makes people really think - it helps people find ways to make a difference. It helps people have a positive impact."

I probed a bit.  "Why do you think people don't work on their leadership on a regular basis?"

She said,"it's not a normal or easy convesation; most people don't think that way - they don't ask themselves the hard questions like:  What am I doing? What should I do? What could I do? What impact does my leadership have on others?  It's deep."

"Too deep?" I asked.

"No - but it takes a real commitment to think that way," she said.

I asked her. "How did your leadership change?"

She said, "I see things differently now.  I want to maximize my potential; I want to do something that matters."

Well said Sarah.

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