Sunday, September 2, 2012

Setting a Drumbeat of Excellence- John Martin CEO of PATS Aircraft

John Martin, President and CEO of PATS Aircraft, defines a leader as “the person who sets the drumbeat for an organization”. I have recently had the privilege to work with John as part of Lead Your Way’s leadership development program at PATS. For a leadership studies student like myself, working with John has been such a treat because he is the living and breathing embodiment of all the things leadership textbooks and professors try to teach you. Simply put, John Martin is the real deal.

From the moment I met John, I was struck by his aura of authenticity. When he speaks, his words command attention because they are imbued with such passion and conviction that it is impossible to disregard them. John’s drumbeat of excellence can be heard loud and clear reverberating throughout PATS. Every day John leads the way for his company by embodying the principles upon which PATS was founded. John lives up to PATS principle #6 (“Communicate, Communicate, Communicate… Then Communicate) by making it a priority to clearly articulate and continually convey his vision for the company to his people. He also makes a point to make himself available, approachable, and accessible to everyone and this has earned him his people’s earnest respect.

John Martin is a true visionary. He is guided by his belief that great leaders create great leaders and by investing in leadership development, he is doing just that. By leading the way with exemplary leadership, John has inspired his people to do the same and has united PATS around a shared vision of excellence. While John is a treasure trove of leadership lessons, he has taught me foremost that if you set your own drumbeat to a rhythm of excellence you will naturally become a leader as you earn the respect of others.

To hear more about John’s perspective on leadership development watch Lead Your Way’s interview with him here: (see John Testimonial 1-6)

Posted by Sarah Clark, an Intern with Lead Your Way Solutions
A rising fourth-year at the University of Virginia, Sarah is an American Studies major and a Leadership minor. She is the founder and president of the International Justice Mission chapter at UVa and during her fourth year she will be interning at the UVa Women’s Center and writing a thesis. She is a Delaware native and loves traveling, reading, and the beach.

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