Friday, December 28, 2012

Exhaustin' Talkin'

Have you ever set your mind on accomplishing a goal and somehow your efforts get derailed along the way?

You set up a solid plan to help you accomplish your goal and you start out strong. You prioritize your day to accommodate your goal and you feel good about it. You are energized with your new found determination to achieve. You’re unstoppable! Nothing can hold you back from reaching the finish line! And then- BAM! You’re over it.

The optimistic, go-getter you once were has been replaced by a whining, complaining, pessimist. You have now entered “exhaustin’ talkin’” territory. Exhaustin’ talkin’ is when you lose sight of your end goal and everything you are saying is no longer helping you. It’s the exhaustin’ talkin’- not you.

Recognizing when exhaustion has taken over is an important part of reaching your goals. It’s hard to accomplish anything when your overworked, stressed out, and haven’t taken the time to care for yourself.

As the end of the year approaches, we reflect on what we have accomplished and what we would have liked to accomplish. Setting short-term, specific, measurable goals enables us to feel as though we have accomplished something BEFORE exhaustion takes its treacherous toll.
Keep this in mind when crafting your overly ambitious New Years Resolution.

Making changes for the better is an excellent way to start off a new year- just make sure that you are able to see some progress along the way.

By Kristen Keyes
Kristen graduated from Towson University and holds a Bachelor of Health Science, with a concentration in Community Health Education. She brings 10 years of retail experience, 8 of which come from Whole Foods Market, as a buyer and a healthy eating educator. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in School Counseling from Loyola University.

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