Monday, December 31, 2012

Great Leadership is Highly Contagious

Drink some tea, bundle up, and eat your vegetables because some highly contagious stuff is going around this winter-and I’m not talking about the flu.

I’m talking about negativity. Have you ever had that coworker who never stops complaining? Everything is terrible, everyone is out to get them, and working just sucks. At first you listen, maybe even sympathize. Maybe you commiserate and before you know it, you have come down with a severe case of workitis. However, after while, you are sick of their negative attitude and dodge all conversation. It’s the only way to get relief.

Luckily, other things are contagious, too-like great leadership. Leadership isn’t just about being the boss or running the show. Being a leader is about looking out for those around you, helping others in need, and staying positive in the face of adversity. A leader knows when to listen and can maintain their vision, even when things get out of hand. And most of all, a good leader leads by example.

If you can’t stand that negative work environment, be part of the remedy. Don’t complain about things that aren’t working- find solutions that will help solve the presenting issue. If someone is having a bad day-listen to what is bothering them, but don’t fuel the fire. You have the ability to create a positive work experience for everyone around you.

Negativity can make a workplace sick, but great leadership is the perfect medicine.

By Kristen Keyes
Kristen graduated from Towson University and holds a Bachelor of Health Science, with a concentration in Community Health Education. She brings 10 years of retail experience, 8 of which come from Whole Foods Market, as a buyer and a healthy eating educator. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in School Counseling from Loyola University.

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