Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Living Your Dream

Chuck Pagano is living his dream. Chuck Pagano is showing others how to live out their dreams.

Chuck Pagano is the first-year head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.  Pagano is a man of vision, experience, and vibrant energy. He is the kind of leader that can change a culture with a combination of work ethic and hope. So, after a league worst record caused a leadership change in the Colts coaching staff, Chuck Pagano was hired to turn the team around.

Pagano had a plan to bring the Colts back - but his vision was blurred when he was diagnosed with cancer. Few outside of the Colts organization considered the team a contender prior to this season. Pagano's diagnosis lowered the team's expectations even further. 

On October 1st 2012, Pagano turned over his coaching duties to his assistants and implored his team to "see and live their vision of greatness." And like their coach- they fought, they made progress, and they won football games.

After weeks of chemotherapy, Pagano was strong enough to speak to his Colts before a game in mid-season.  Pagano's treatments had left his body thin but his spirit was evident as he spoke to his team. His words were prophetic. 

"You guys are living a special vision.  You are living and creating your reality.  If you see yourself as winners, and work to achieve your dream - you can make the playoffs.  You create your reality."  His voice cracked with emotion when he said, "I am going to live my vision.  I am going to create my reality. I am going to see my daughters married.  I am going to be well again..."

Pagano returned to the sideline in time to help the Colts win yet another game last weekend.  Against all odds, the team had a great season. They are even going to the playoffs.  Like their coach, the team had surprised people. 

“They are special because they didn't let anyone else write their story," Chuck Pagano said of his football team on Sunday." Pagano and his team are living the dream.  They have created a successful reality.

What story will you write? What reality will you create?

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