Saturday, January 12, 2013

Signs! Signs! Everywhere there's Signs!

In my retail days, I was a buyer for a sub team called “Books, Cards, and Magazines.” A lot of fun when getting to bring in gifts and trinkets- not so much fun at the end of the fiscal period counting inventory.

Imagine counting thousands of cards that are the same size, same price, and thrown everywhere from customer neglect after an 8-hour day- at 3 in the morning. Not the easiest of tasks. So, in order to keep an accurate count, I would choose a quote (from one of the cards) and repeat it in my head in order to remember where I started counting. Inevitably, I would leave work delirious and brain dead with a running loop of whatever quote I had chosen to keep my place.

So, when I was going through a really tough time trying to decide whether or not to quit my job, I was reminded of counting cards. As I contemplated which direction to take with my life, my mind would not stop repeating the quote, “Leap and the net will appear.” 

I wish I could say that I quit immediately and moved on to exciting, new things, but alas, taking good advice is never that easy. I stayed at that job for another 8 months and endured countless setbacks. This went on until one day I woke up and thought of that quote. Everything seemed so clear and I made that my last day of work. It felt amazing to take a risk and let myself feel the tremendous amount of support that had surrounded me all along.

Sure enough, I had leapt and the net had appeared.

My point is to keep your eyes open. Keep your mind open. Sometimes, encouragement isn’t always from a source that we expect. Sometimes, it is right in front of our face while we are doing the most mundane of tasks. The real trick is being receptive...

by Kristen Keyes

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  1. It's amazing the courage and the inspiration we feel when we put action into our faith. More need to learn to leap... the universe in a big place with plenty of opportunity!