Monday, January 7, 2013

What if....?

"What if ______?" Every possibility begins with this simple question.

What if you looked at yourself differently?  
What if you saw yourself as a confident, capable, and resourceful leader?
What if you went outside of your comfort zone?
What if you had the foresight to see the opportunity in any situation? 
What if you had the vision to create new pathways to success?
What if you could be a leader that inspired faith and commitment from others?  
What if you could be a leader that empowered others to be successful?
What if you do it with energy and passion?
What if you took small steps to grow each and every day so that you could become a leader wise enough, creative enough, strong enough, and selfless enough to serve others?
What if you started today?
What if you decided to be great - to lead your way?

You would change the world.

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