Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Cost of Violating Leadership Principles

America's political leaders are failing.  Here are some lessons that their successors should learn:

1)  Someone has to take accountability.

The tendency to blame the other party for every the problem is great for television but, it only hurts the people you have been elected to serve.  Grow up and take accountability for your choices and the effectiveness of your decisions.

2)  Smart people learn and evolve. 

It's OK to change your mind if you get new facts or your assumptions are proved to be incorrect.  If the plan isn't working, fix it.  If your views change with experience - please have the courage to make the right choice.  Choose common sense versus ideological rhetoric.  We need leaders who are capable of growing in order to solve the complex problems of a modern nation.  No one is prepared for the job before they get it.

3)  Deal with the issues as soon as possible.

Problems don't go away just because they were never solved.  Little problems tend to grow when avoided at the national level.  The consequences of the failure of leadership destroy more than the American dream - the failure to effectively solve real problems destroys lives.

4)  Leave the rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Once elected - leaders must create ways to solve problems.  Politics is compromise.  Learn to play the game to help people; learn how to work the system to create progress.

5)  Think about the future.

It has been said that leaders of Native American tribes would consider critical decisions based upon how it would impact seven generations of their descendants.  Consider the impact that each choice has on future generations.

Leaders in Washington: It's time to get your collective heads out of the sand and do what you are paid to do - lead the nation.

To our future leaders in Washington: please learn from the current failure of your leaders.

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