Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Understanding Chemistry

What is "Chemistry"?

Chemistry is that illusive feeling of initial attraction to someone- when you are completely in tune with everything that person says, is, does, and is about to do.  It’s pure, uninhibited positive curiosity in another’s being. Feeling “chemistry” with someone is innate and undeniable.  It’s not something that you have to think about because it’s right in front of your face. Their energy infused with your own.
So, why is it so much more difficult to “meet” people when you’re older? Why is that chemistry so much harder to detect?  When you are a kid, you can easily befriend someone. In the 1st grade, I asked the girl sitting next to me on the bus if she would be my best friend. She said yes and we remain friends to this day. How did I know that we should be friends? I just knew that I liked her- we had chemistry.
When you are a kid, there’s nothing in the way of expressing your feelings. No B.S., no drama, no bills-just feelings. When you get older, experiences and life lessons start to bog down your ability to feel what you already know to be true. It then becomes harder to “meet” people and recognize whether or not you have mutual chemistry.
So now what? You can’t go back in time, but you can reconnect with yourself-your inner child. Children tell you like it is and they don’t sugar coat it either. It is what it is. I suggest that the next time you meet someone, put your pretenses aside. Try to feel out their energy and test that chemistry. Ask yourself one important question, “Do I want to play with this person?” If that answer is yes, then give in and have some fun! Get excited! Feel the energy flow through your body and let yourself recognize when you have found a treasure.
Chemistry between people is essential for extraordinary results in a relationship and in an organization.  Rapport, sympathy, understanding, and commitment are signs of chemistry in a relationship.  Togetherness, selflessness, communication, and commitment are present when a team possesses winning chemistry.  Leaders must understand the level of chemistry necessary for their team to reach its goals and strive to create the environment where chemistry is present.
By Kristen Keyes & Mike Nally

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