Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Work?

Why do you work where you work? Have you ever really taken the time to figure out why you made the decision to take the position that you currently have? Was it for money? Prestige? Pressure to move up? Or did you just feel like it was the next logical step?

Understanding why you make the decisions that you make is a big part of fitting in and feeling good about your work life. Sometimes we get so carried away with our own (and sometimes others) expectations of what our life should be like, that we forget to consider what we actually want.

Do you really want a big house? A fancy car? Expensive clothes? What does it really mean to you to be “successful”? What does achievement look like to you? What does it feel like?

It is not enough to think about why we make decision about work- we must also consider who we are thinking about when we consider our options. Do you think about your family? Are you competing with your friends? Are your trying to prove something to someone?

All of these questions allow us to reflect deeper on what we are looking for and why we are searching for it. Work takes up a big chunk of our lives. Often times, we become so wrapped up in our day-to-day activities that we forget to consider our future plans so that we may actually achieve true job satisfaction.

Take the time to tend to your dreams. Figure out what you want out of work and why it is that you want that. Remember- it’s ok to work at your job because you like the benefits, security, or a steady paycheck. However, if you are looking to fulfill a specific dream or goal that you have, then you need to FIRST identify what the goal is for you and then figure out why that goal has meaning for you. The meaning that you attach to that dream will provide you the momentum to move forward and take the steps necessary to achieve that goal. Look around your work- does the culture at work provide you with a place and an atmosphere to achieve your goals? This matters, too!

If working takes up so much time, isn't it worth investing the time to make work meaningful to you?

By Kristen Keyes

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