Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Everyone is Afraid of Something

Leaders are driven by powerful emotions.  The Greeks said that all people are guided by "their sense of honor, their visions of glory, and their greatest fears."  Much has changed over time, yet at the most basic level not much has changed. 

Leaders may be able to hide their fears better than most people, but everyone is afraid of something.  Most leaders have crafted a public persona that soothes the fears of others.  This persona is necessary.  Regardless of their outward poise, these fears still linger in the hearts and minds of leaders. However, every leader must know and embrace his or her fears in order to understand when those fears are affecting their leadership. 

Acknowledging and embracing your fears gives you the opportunity for progress. Because a leader must maintain a steady vision for the future, he or she must also be able to understand how those fears impact the course of action that they choose to embark upon.

Figure out what scares you. Are you scared of not being good enough? Of not living up to other peoples’ expectations? Of someone finding out that you’re not as great as you have led people to believe? It doesn’t matter how insignificant you think that the fear may be, it is not helping you be an effective leader.

Remember: You can't move forward when something is holding you back.

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