Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Comment on President Obama's Leadership

A leader must create the right team and the right environment for progress to occur.

Last week, I met with two ardent Obama supporters to discuss leadership programs. The gentlemen are lifelong democrats and are connected with people at the highest levels of the United States government.  I listened as the following exchange occurred between them:

"I am really disappointed in the President.  I went all in on this term.  I thought he was really going to make a difference."

"I agree - it's just not happening."

"It's an execution issue.  The administration's actions don't match their rhetoric.  It seems like they have chosen to go with a much younger team across the board.  The people they are putting forth to manage these initiatives are good people, from great schools but they don't have any experience.  They are learning on the job and nothing is getting done."

"I had hoped for so much more."

"We all did." His words trailed off before he shrugged and said, "They won't get anything done this time around but they will be ready to serve Hillary well.  Maybe she will get it right."

The President needs to change his leadership style to make a difference in this term.  When those who love you stop following you, it’s time to evaluate and adjust.

By Mike Nally

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