Friday, July 12, 2013

Evolve & Change Your World

It is impossible to grow or evolve into a new person if you refuse to change or learn from an event.

I have watched people go through the same upsetting situation over and over again, yet choose to act (or not act) the same way each and every time. It never ceases to amaze me how people can experience a situation that they have been through countless times and choose to react in the same way expecting a different result.
These are typically the same people who will come to you every time they experience this situation. They are undoubtedly the victim and other people are out to get them. I mean- how many bad things can happen to them? So they whine, they complain, and they seek sympathy. I’m not sure why they even bother to talk to other people about it-they don’t really want advice, and they don’t want to change. Most importantly they do not want to take any self-responsibility in the situation. They just can’t own it.

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking responsibility for the events that happen in your life. I’m not saying that everything is within your control and undesirable things won't happen. But, you can control the way that you act in a situation and react to its outcomes. 

Life is not fair and can be cruel- but it doesn’t mean that every situation that occurs is that way. It is important to assess the situation and see what you may have done to contribute to the end result. If you didn’t like the outcome, think of the ways that you could have handled it differently. Next time the event (or a similar one) occurs, use a new approach. I’m not saying that you will always get the desired result, but at least you are taking an active part in your life. People and circumstances are ever evolving and hopefully so are you.

Over the course of your lifetime, I can assure you that change will never stop occurring. Whether or not you choose to grow from it, now that is a completely different story.

Remember: change is inevitable- learning, growth, and evolution are not.

by Kristen Keyes

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