Friday, July 26, 2013

Forming Effective Leadership Teams

Forming an effective and supportive leadership team is crucial for organizational growth. Finding the right fit for your team takes time and a discerning eye because everyone has their own agenda and their own goals.  Leaders must choose and train leadership teams that can work together to solve problems and grow the organization.

To do so, leaders must find people with not only the requisite capabilities but also with the personalities and characteristics that will create chemistry between the team. Without chemistry communication, trust, collaboration, and selflessness is lost. A leadership team that is divided will waste organizational resources and opportunities wrestling each other for control of direction. A bad leader will destroy team chemistry and slow or stop progress.

Leaders must choose people who showcase positive leadership qualities and mold them into an effective team for an organization to thrive. Leaders and leadership teams have to gel before an organization can grow. Know your team and understand their strengths, weaknesses, goals and needs in order to give them ample opportunities to increase their self-awareness.

Remember: The team leader must set the example for positive leadership change by doing the work to grow as a leader before they ask others to do the same.   

by Mike Nally

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