Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taking the Next Step in Leadership

Organizational growth is a leadership challenge.
The road to the top is steep.  There are many vying to be the best in any competitive arena.  Every successive achievement leads to tougher opponents.  The teams that win at the highest levels understand that long-term success is a process.  To be the best - you must beat the best.  To beat the best - you must be your best.

Extraordinary teams have a combination of talents, skills, strengths, organization, determination, and intangibles necessary to dominate their fields.  Progress requires work.  Leaders must create an environment with the necessary clarity, intensity, and knowledge to make progress towards greatness.    

Here are a few leadership questions to consider as you prepare your team for its next step:

  • Are you ready?  
  • Are you clear, committed, and capable of seeing, being, and doing what it takes to cause success for your team?
  • What is the measurable definition of success?
  • What will it take to succeed?  
  • Who is the best? Who will you need to beat?
  • How will the team need to grow or change to win?
  • What resources are available (talent, money, time, facilities, systems, equipment, leadership)?  
  • Can you get more necessary resources or will you need to move forward with what is available now?
  • Is your leadership team aligned and ready for the challenge?  
  • Who will you and other leaders need to be and what will you all need to do to cause the necessary changes for success?
  • How will the team be prepared for peak performance?

It has been said, "Success is a culmination of preparation and opportunity." This is certainly true.  Every leader of a competitive team must create the plan, the environment, and the attitude required for success.  

Every good leader is accountable for success. This
is the leader's greatest challenge.

by Mike Nally

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