Monday, July 22, 2013

Warning Leadership Problem: Mayor Bob Filner

San Diego mayor Bob Filner has apologized for his inappropriate behavior that includes sexual harassment and the groping of multiple women. Bob Filner has used his position of power to abuse, harass, and bully women. As of today, he remains in office as a public official, however he has been asked not to meet with any women alone. Wow. 

Come on people! We deserve more from our leaders. We need to demand more from our leaders. Leaders need to serve the people. The idea that power begets privilege needs to shift. It has to shift. Leaders need to understand that positions with greater power demand a greater level of responsibility.

Bob Filner has asked the city of San Diego to allow him to remain in office so he can execute his "vision for San Diego" and prove that he can change. But Filner had his chance; he only wants to change because he was caught.  

Filner should resign immediately, apologize for his transgressions, offer to face any criminal charges if appropriate, and seek help for his flaws.  He should take responsibility for his actions so the citizens of San Diego can find a leader that shares their "vision" of a leader, which undoubtedly is not exemplified by the actions of their current mayor.

By Mike Nally

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